Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I loved this venue and wedding. I know this couple through a good friend of mine. They got married at the Villa Sienna in Gilbert. Wow that place is stunning and very easy to shoot at. :) Thank you Shane and Amy for having me be your photographer!

Heather and Kyle. Sigh. Talk about love. She took my breath away with her beauty. They had a beautiful wedding! Everyone was so cool and fun to be around. I had my dear friend milly 2nd shoot for me and she did a fantastic job. thanks milly! Here are a few from the day. :) Thanks again Heather and Kyle!

I loved this wedding. It was a beautiful day and the bride was barefoot and perfectly simple. She was beautiful. Her girls were beautiful as well. This couple was by far the most relaxed, easy going, non-nervous couple I have ever worked with and I loved that. Thanks for having me guys!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Wedding at The Valley Ho

What a COOL hotel. It was swanky and classy and vintage and just plain wonderful. The bride had such a cool style. All of her bridesmaids had on bright bold colors and all of the boys had on chucks. It was a very vibrant classy wedding. Their ceremony was lay ed out in circular form. There were crystals hanging from this awesome custom structure. When they said i do and kissed there were explosions of confetti all around. It was awesome. Their reception was on the rooftop of the hotel. They had a photo booth and a rock-a-billy looking band. It was so awesome. She did most of the planning herself and all of the details were straight from her brain. I could never do that, especially if I was the bride too but she pulled it off. The bride and groom decided to meet on the rooftop before the ceremony to see each other in private. It was so special. She came out of the elevator and they enjoyed a moment of love and peace together before it all. It was truly a one of a kind experience. thanks Mike and Tina!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

been awhile

Its been a long time since I've posted. I've been so extremly busy and the editing never ends. I love my job. Now that I'm catching up I will start posting some shoots here and there. I've shot one of these little families before and they wanted the entire family at once. The clouds were tolling in and the wind was going strong. Right when I wrapped up it started to rain. It was a fun day.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Jimmy and Erica were my neighbors in Queen Creek. I loved being around them and seeing their love for one another. I felt so comfortable and open to do whatever. I love the turn out and the dreamy feeling I get when I see them. The feeling of passion and beauty and romance comes out so well with them and the setting of the location. They are getting married next year! :)

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

sunset lovin

This was a fun shoot. The trees were mighty and full of the sunsets' magic. The family was adorable and I loved that they had a beautiful foreign exchange student as part of there family. They brought this old bench and I loved it. There were bald eagles in the trees above us and a cop came to see what we were doing. Understood, like I said before, there were bald eagles. It was beautiful seeing them fly above my head. Everything worked out and was a success. Here are a few from the shoot. :)