Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Zaccardi's

Matt, Celeste and their son Van have to be one of my favorite families I've ever shot. Their photos are by far in my top 5. They were stylish, funny, beautiful, calm, and best of all, Van was a non-stop smiler. I love those kinds of kids. They were so incredibly easy to work with. They even drove out to one of my favorite locations and it wasn't close I'll just say that. Thank you guys! I loved working with you !


Tifani said...

Oh my gosh! Those pictures are so good! I hope that you charged more than 50 bucks. I don't even know what you charge to be honest. But those pictures are so amazing! I would pay big bucks for pictures like that. Absolutely priceless.

Svancara Family said...

i LOVE these!!

Millie said...

Seriously...you are amazing Lindsey. I just want to wake up and be you.